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Ontario invests millions in Northern highways

The government of Ontario has announced a $537 million investment towards expanding and upgrading the 11,000 kilometre highway network in Northern Ontario.

The government of Ontario has announced a $537 million investment towards expanding and upgrading the 11,000 kilometre highway network in Northern Ontario.

The announcement was made June 15 by Premier Dalton McGuinty and Northern Development and Mines Minister Rick Bartolucci.

In the Greater Sudbury area, Highway 69 S will see most of the attention including major expansion projects south of the city for nine kilometres to Highway 537, four kilometres south of Highway 537 and seven kilometres north of Estaire. A rehabilitation project is planned for a six kilomatre stretch south of the Highway 17 bypass.

This investment is part of the Northern Ontario Highways Strategy and Renew Ontario, the government’s $30 billion infrastructure investment plan.  Under Renew Ontario, the government said it  will invest $1.8 billion over five years to upgrade and expand Northern Ontario highways.

Other major expansion projects include:

Highway 11 - from South River southerly for nine kilometers.

Highway 17 N - east of Sault Ste. Marie, from the new Highway 17 alignment southerly for two kilometers.

Highway 11 - from Highway 518 south of Katrine, to Burk’s Falls for 11 kilometers.
Highway 11 - from Sundridge northerly for eight kilometers.
Highway 69 - Harmony Lane improvements, Highway 69 and Bowes St. interchange.
Highway 69 - Nobel bypass for five kilometers.

Other major rehabilitation projects include:

Highway 11 - south of North Bay, from junction Highway 654 northerly for 10 kilometers.
Highway 17 – east of North Bay, from Highway 531 easterly for 26 kilometers.
Highway 17 - Laronde Creek easterly to North Bay for 17 kilometers
Highway 63 - east of North Bay, from 17 kilometers south of Highway 533 northerly for 18 kilometers.
Highway 522 - east of Trout Creek, from nine kilometers west of Highway 524 easterly for 15 kilometers.

Highway 655 - from 21 kilometers north of Timmins northerly for 14 kilometers
Highway 144 - 43 kilometers north of Gogama northerly for 27 kilometers.
Highway 11 - Driftwood River Bridge north of Matheson

Highway 11 - Fredrickhouse River Bridge west of Cochrane.
Highway 566 - Montreal River Bridge at Matachewan.
Highway 65 - from 14 kilometers east of Elk Lake easterly for 15 kilometers.
Highway 64 - Sturgeon River Bridge at Field.
Highway 624 - Benson Creek and Moose Horn Creek culverts north of Englehart.

Highway 17 - Catfish Creek culvert and University River culvert north of Wawa.
Highway 101 – From Wawa east for 33 kilometres, and six kilometres on Highway 547 to Hawk Junction.
Highway 129 - north of Thessalon, from Highway 554 northerly for 17 kilometers.
Highway 17 - Kasubeck Creek culvert south of Wawa.
Highway 6 - from Espanola southerly for 14 kilometers.
Highway 17 - left turn lanes at Desbarats.
Highway 631 - 32 kilometers north of Hornepayne northerly for 31 kilometers.

Highway 584 - north of Geraldton from two kilometers north of Burrough's Creek northerly for 26 kilometers.
Highway 17 - Black Bird Creek Culvert -10 kilometers east of Terrace Bay.
Highway 11/17 - east of Thunder Bay from seven kilometers west of Highway 587 easterly for 12 kilometers.
Highway 11/17 – Thunder Bay Expressway, McIntyre and Current River Bridges two kilometers west of Highway 102.
Highway 627 - Pic River Bridge 12 kilometers south of Highway 17 and Mink Creek culvert, east of Marathon.
Highway 11 - east of Longlac from 60 kilometers west of Highway 631 westerly for 20 kilometers.

Highway 11 - CNR Overhead 30 kilometers east of Fort Frances.
Highway 17A - Kenora Bypass from west junction Highway 17 easterly for 34 kilometers.
Highway 17 - from English River easterly for 16 kilometers.
Highway 71 - Sioux Narrows Bridge.

Highway 11 - east of Atikokan from 12 kilometers west of Highway 802 westerly 30 for kilometers.