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Person of Interest: Downtown boutique's Hollywood adventure

In this first episode, we catch up with Stitch & Stone following their trip to the MTV Movie Awards

Today, we premiere our latest video series called “Person of Interest.”

The idea is simple — each episode, we'll meet an interesting person. 

It could be a top local news maker, a politician, a local or visiting celebrity or one of the many individuals in our community who has an interesting story just begging to be told.

In this first episode, we catch up with the owners of Stitch & Stone, a cute little boutique in Downtown Sudbury.

We first met them after they were invited to showcase their wears in Hollywood at the MTV Move Awards, which took place May 7.

Now that they're back, we decided to pay them another visit to see how their adventure in Tinsel Town played out.

We also sampled a few products in the store and joked about stalking celebrities.

Do you have an idea for our next Person of Interest? Email your suggestion to or tweet @CallamRodya.

We'll be releasing new 10-minute episodes regularly here on so check back often!