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Pothole Pete's Pothole of the Day: In the trenches on Wilma

Would you just look at this thing?

Hey guys, Pothole Pete here with my pothole of the day.

Heather Green-Oliver and I were out and about this morning looking for a good one to share when we came across this doozy of a pothole on Wilma Street in the Flour Mill, close to the intersection with Notre Dame Avenue.

This sucker is more of a trench than a pothole. I mean look at this thing! It was about 16 feet across and deep enough for me to hide in. Look at the photo, you can barely see me. It's a bad game of Where's Waldo, except this Waldo will eat your damn car.

Talk about a rim-buster! 

I've reported this pothole to the city by using the Pothole Reporter. You can help remove potholes from our city's roadways too, by reporting them to

P.S. I'd like to give a shout-out to all my fans on I enjoy reading your feedback on Facebook and Instagram and some of the comments make me giggle.