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Random Acts of Kindness: A visit of kindness in the face of a tragic loss

For our third day of kindness we team up with a mother whose daughter has had a challenging few months

Welcome to the third day of’s Random Acts of Kindness supported by @homeEnergy.

Today we are meeting Jaime Peters, who had a tough past few months. Jaime was engaged to the man of her dreams, when on Aug. 8, those dreams shattered. Jaime and her fiance Dustin Peters were at home with the children when Dustin suddenly passed away. It has been a devastating past few months for Jaime, so much to the point where entering her bedroom has become difficult for her.

Watch as we surprise Jaime with a brand new couch to replace the broken one she has been sleeping on. also received an update on Sunday, Dec. 12 that Jaime recently changed her last name from Dallaire to Peters (her late fiance’s last name) having received the final documentation last week. “It was a long process, but that’s what his family and I wanted,” Jaime told in a text message. 

Special thank you to Bestech, Ashley Homestore and Rosery Florist for making this video possible. Each weekday morning leading up to Christmas, will recognize a deserving person, family or organization.

Visit tomorrow morning again for our fourth act of kindness.