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Relive the surprise (and the tears) of the 12 Days of Kindness!

Relive all the hugs, smiles and tears of this year's 12 Days of Kindness by

Throughout our fourth annual 12 Days of Kindness, we lent a helping hand, lightened a family's burden, delivered a smile to someone's face and lifted the spirits of some truly deserving recipients.

But we couldn't have done it without the support of the generous sponsors and everyone who took time to send in a nomination.

At, we feel so fortunate to share the stories of these remarkable people who live in our city.

We hope that by sharing these stories of kindness, it will inspire others to perform acts of kindness of their own.

We received hundreds of nominations and is looking forward to sharing even more acts of kindness in the New Year.

Until then, you can watch all our acts of kindness, including last year's 12 Days of Kindness, at

Day 1: We give a grieving family a helping hand this winter

Day 2: École Ste-Marie students help us surprise their beloved teacher

Day 3: It's a double date surprise at the Inner City Home of Sudbury!

Day 4: Vickie gets a new 'do and fresh start

Day 5: Their son has a rare neurological condition, we surprise them with some financial relief

Day 6: She beat the odds with the help of her best friend and caregiver, we're surprising them both

Day 7: Local businesses shower this beloved Capreol matriarch with gifts

Day 8: This school bus driver had a tough year, watch us put a smile on her face

Day 9: Battling illness, Melanie still has a smile for everyone, so we try to make her smile even bigger

Day 10: He spent his first year in and out of hospital, we give his parents a much-needed break

Day 11: They've had a challenging year, so we're surprising the whole family

Day 12: Illness sapped their Christmas spirit, so we delivered a houseful of joy


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