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Salvation Army Christmas Kettles now in place around Sudbury

Donations are much needed as fundraising sources have closed due to the pandemic and a shortage of volunteers
Pictured at the kickoff to the kettle campaign is (L-R) Lyn Mullen, kettle co-ordinator, Capt. Deb VanderHeyden, corps officer, Emily Mantle, Rotarian, Geoffrey Lougheed, Rotarian and head of the Lougheed Foundation, Capt. Jim VanderHeyden, corps officer, Shannon Kenrich-Rochon, Rotary Sunrisers president, Gerry Lougheed Jr., Rotarian and head of the Lougheed Foundation, and Trevor Gilchrist, Rotarian in charge of co-ordinating kettle volunteers for the Sunrisers.

It has been a difficult year for many, and certainly for the Salvation Army Community and Family Services. 

Not only did they have to shut their used clothing store in June, but the pandemic has caused an even greater community need, as well as shortages in their volunteers and in their ability to provide as much as they wish. 

But even so, the Salvation Army volunteers are back beside their kettles, and this year offering a chance to “tap” your donation to keep everyone safe. 

The kettles are in place across Sudbury and will be until December 10, and this year feature $5, $10, and $20 “taps” so that you can use your debit card, credit card or Google/Apple pay features to donate to the Salvation Army. The kettles will also be in place for cash donations at locations across Sudbury. 

Donations go to the Salvation Army food bank, and to fill out their annual Christmas Hampers. This year, they have 600 families signed up to receive a hamper filled with the makings of a Christmas dinner, including a turkey, as well as toys for any children. Their fundraising goal this year is $220,000 to cover the community’s needs. All of the money will stay in and be used to help people in Sudbury. 

They are still in desperate need of volunteers, however. Lyn Mullen of the Salvation Army told that each year, there are 1,000 volunteer shifts to fill.  

“That's a two hour shift, five times a day, at six locations until December,” said Mullen. “All the money stays in Sudbury and is used for all our family services, which includes our food bank and our Christmas hampers.” 

If you would like to volunteer and are double vaccinated, you can contact the Salvation Army at their email address, [email protected], or at 705-673-5893 ext. 203.  

And though they are no longer accepting donations for the clothing store, they are looking for a few items, which you can donate in addition to food items (not expired food, but after the best before date is fine.)

“We are accepting, clean and in good condition, winter coats, boots, and mitts at our food bank. Those are being distributed as needed,” said Mullen. These items come in handy. 

“During one of our hamper registrations, a lady came in and had just a light sweater and it was that cold, windy, blowing day,” said Mullen. “Somebody asked, ‘Do you have a coat?’ ‘No.’ ‘Would you like a coat?’ ‘Oh, yes, please.’ And they just got her coat. That's it. And she walked out much happier.”

They need food for their food bank, but also in need of toiletries and hygiene supplies like toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorant, women’s hygiene products, and personal and household cleaning supplies. 

If you would like to donate to one of the Christmas kettles you can find them at locations across Sudbury including the two Walmart locations, near LensCrafters in The New Sudbury Mall, as well as at the Your Independent Grocers at the Four Corners and on Lorne Street.

You can find more information on their Facebook page, found here

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