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Science North recognizes two new honourary life members

Dr. Douglas Hallman and Dr. Amadeo Parissenti receive awards

Science North recognized a pair of Sudbury's most distinguished scientists on June 19, as they announced two more honourary life members. 

Dr. Douglas Hallman and Dr. Amadeo Parissenti were both honoured on the evening. 

Hallman was recognized for his work with the Nobel Prize-winning Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Experiment and in supporting Science North in communicating the complex science behind it. 

Dr. Parissenti was recognized for his cutting edge research specializing in innovating a test that monitors the effectiveness of cancer treatments in patients by measuring how well chemotherapy is working. 

"I would like to congratulate our distinguished honorees and celebrate their contributions to research and science communication," said Scott Lund, chair, Science North board of trustees.

"Science North is very pleased to partner with the Northern Cancer Foundation on tonight's event and share the proceeds with them for Dr. Parissenti's ongoing cancer treatment research."

Each honoree was introduced by one of their co-workers and a special video presentation was shown on the giant screen inside of the Vale Cavern inside Science North. Hallman was introduced by his longtime friend and colleague, and the man he shares a Nobel Prize honour with, Dr. Art McDonald.

"Dr. Hallman was one of the founding members of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) scientific collaboration in 1985 and has worked tirelessly in many areas of experiment, leading the Laurentian University scientific team," said McDonald.

"He was communications director for SNO and collaborated with Science North on many exhibits including the original object theatre and the recent New Eyes on the Universe travelling exhibition. SNO owes a major debt of gratitude to Doug for his extensive contributions and I am really pleased that Science North is recognizing him as an honourary lifetime member."

Much of Amadeo Parissenti's research was conducted prior to current HSN president and CEO Dominic Giroux's tenure, but the two were colleagues during Giroux's time as president of Laurentian University, where Parissenti is chief scientific officer at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

"Over the past 20 years, Dr. Parissenti's research has positively impacted patient care putting Health Sciences North Research Institute, Laurentian University and Northern Ontario on the map of research," said Giroux. "His work continues to improve patient care with the launch of his international clinical trial while continuing to develop the next generation of Northern Ontario's scientists right here in Sudbury."

The evening's celebration raised $15,000 in donations, with proceeds being shared between Science North and the Northern Cancer Foundation. At Science North, proceeds will support new visitor experiences in the SpacePlace and BodyZone labs in the science centre, two educational visitor experiences that have direct connections to the work of the two honorees.

Additionally, 10 per cent of donations will support the Northern Cancer Foundation in their mission of raising funds to support cancer research and cancer care programs of the Northeast Cancer Centre at HSN.

The Honourary Life Member Award was instituted in 1984 by the board of trustees of Science North to recognize individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to science and/or Science North.


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