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Social distancing: We sent our photographer out to capture the (mostly) empty streets of Sudbury

The city, normally bustling, is eerily quiet

Greater Sudbury is normally a busy place. The Kingsway, Barrydowne Road, Durham Street, Paris Street, Notre Dame Avenue — these main thoroughfares bristle with traffic for much of the day and into the evening.

The impact of social distancing, closed businesses and working from home can be seen in the above photos by's Arron Pickard. We sent him out today to visit some of the normally busier parts of the city, places where there are usually cars and people, and capture the now quiet and mostly empty streets.

Yes, there are pockets of people congregating in their usual places, but even at the transit centre downtown the number of people who are out has shrunk considerably.

Are you social distancing? Are you taking infection control seriously? Let us know in the comments below. And please wash your hands and don't touch your face.