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Some Sudbury stations hiked their prices to 112.9, but most didn't follow

The majority of local gas stations currently charging around 109.9

Most gas stations in Greater Sudbury are charging around the 109.9 mark today, according to

Several gas stations in the South End of the city hiked their prices to 112.9 yesterday (currently the most expensive price in Greater Sudbury), but others in the city didn't follow.

The cheapest gas in the city is 108.3 at Circle K and Pioneer in Chelmsford and Norstar in Dowling. 

Gas costs 109.9 to 112.9 in Espanola, a large spike over yesterday, and 105.6 in Sturgeon Falls.

The average price of gas in Ontario today is 100.3. The cheapest gas in the province is 80.9 in Sarnia. The most expensive Ontario gas listed on today is 121.9 in Schreiber.