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St. Charles school holds ‘cereal’ously good food drive

School collected 245 boxes of cereal for local food bank, and then set them up like dominoes, showing how acts of kindness can cause a ripple effect
A look at the cereal box “dominos” set up at St. Charles Catholic Elementary School last month after a cereal food drive.

To spread kindness this past fall, staff and students at St. Charles Catholic Elementary School in Chelmsford collected 245 boxes of cereal to help feed the community through the Friendship House Food Bank.

Students collected boxes of cereal for two weeks. On Nov. 18, the school celebrated their efforts by creating a giant row of dominos out of the cereal boxes and visually demonstrating how one small act of kindness can cause a ripple effect.

Melodie Winn, Grade 2/3 French Immersion teacher at St. Charles School, hopes to complete this fundraiser each year.

“At St. Charles, we are always looking for ways to help our community,” said Winn.

“Giving students an opportunity to see how a small act of kindness can make a big difference for others is always rewarding as a teacher. It was very exciting to watch as the boxes toppled over, and the students cheered with excitement, all while understanding that there is a greater cause behind it.”

“Melodie Winn’s idea that one small act can create a massive positive impact for our community has provided our students with a wonderful opportunity to help create social justice for all,” said Angela Polischuk, principal at St. Charles School.

“We enjoyed helping people that don’t have as much food. It was cool to watch the cereal boxes fall,” said Ashton Willoughby, who’s in Grade 3 at St. Charles School.

To take their message of kindness one step further, the St. Charles Rams are asking schools within the Greater Sudbury community to complete their own cereal box domino chains in support of local Food Banks.