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St. Charles student rallies the help of his school to make PPE for frontline workers

Brady Van Duenen has made well over 100 face shields while maintaining his studies

St. Charles student Brady Van Duenen has recently begun manufacturing face shields for frontline workers, in response to industry shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE). 

In April, Van Duenen was able to secure personal access to a 3D digital printer with the help of Sudbury Catholic Schools and his mom, Stephanie Venturi, a principal with the school board.

With this new tool at his disposal, it took Van Duenen just one day and five prototypes to design his version of a face shield that could be produced in a timely manner. 

Since that time, he has been printing face shields every day, resetting the machine every hour, to ultimately produce well over 100 pieces of equipment thus far. 

And has all the while maintained his academic performance in grade 9 science, English, geography and french through his online classes, said a press release. 

With no hockey commitments during the pandemic, Van Duenen says he has a lot more time on his hands and is willing to keep the production line going for as long as it is needed. 

“It’s this kind of learning and innovation by young people in our schools that can change the world for the better,” said Aaron Barry, St. Charles College principal.