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Staff Tries: Matt gets Sherp Fever

Watch this "ATV on steroids" roll through snow, brush and even open water

Since Daily Planet aired a feature on the tank-like all-terrain vehicle known as the Sherp - we've been dying to try it out for ourselves! 

Watch as reporter Matt Durnan headed out into the middle of Ramsey Lake with Felix Lopes Jr., owner of the Sudbury-based company, Coniston Industrial Park, Ontario's exclusive distributor of the Sherp.

In September, Lopes’ Sudbury company, Coniston Industrial Park, became the exclusive Ontario distributor for the Sherp, a rugged, amphibious ATV designed to traverse any terrain in extreme operational conditions — from rock to muskeg to sand to ice, the Sherp has passed all tests for durability and performance.

Don't believe us? Check out the video above to see for yourselves!