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Students select Bob Johnston as Greater Sudbury's new mayor

If students decided the results of this year’s civic election, candidate Bob Johnston would be Greater Sudbury’s latest mayor
Homelessness advocate Bob Johnston is seen at Memorial Park with Tom Davies Square earlier this year.

Homelessness advocate Bob Johnston would be Greater Sudbury’s mayor if students decided the results of this year’s civic election.

He was the victor in this year’s Student Vote – an “an experiential learning program that enables teachers to bring democracy alive in the classroom, and empowers students to practice the habits of active and engaged citizenship.”

“I hope the adults are the same, because I’d be glad to represent this city,” Johnston told shortly after the results came in, where he secured 23 per cent of the student vote.

He credits the prominence of his signs and the fact he’s quite visible in the community for his campaign resonating with youths.

“I’m out at car shows, I’m out at some hockey games, I’m out everywhere,” he said. “They see me around for sure.”

Johnston received 692 votes from Greater Sudbury students, and was followed by candidate Paul Lefebvre’s 533, Mila Wong (373), Evelyn Dutrasic (388), Miranda Rocca-Circelli (357), Devin Labranche (223), Don Gravelle (149), Brian Bigger (127) and David Popescu (120).

Bigger announced on Oct. 4 that he was withdrawing from consideration due to family reasons, though his name still appeared on both the Student Vote ballot and the official ballot.

Alongside Johnston, students selected:

  • Ward 1: Mark Signoretti
  • Ward 2: Michael Vagnini
  • Ward 3: Michel Brabant
  • Ward 4: Geoff McCausland
  • Ward 5: Robert Kirwan
  • Ward 6: René Lapierre
  • Ward 7: Natalie Labbeé
  • Ward 8: Al Sizer
  • Ward 9: Leslie Steel
  • Ward 10: Fern Cormier
  • Ward 11: Bill Leduc
  • Ward 12: Jeff MacIntyre

For a full list of the 38 schools in Greater Sudbury involved in the Student Vote and a full list of results, including school board trustees, click here.

Unofficial actual results are expected to begin streaming in at approximately 9:30 p.m. will be covering these results as soon as possible tonight.