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Sudburian gives Jeopardy champ run for his money

Question: This metal's name is derived from a word for a demon or little devil.
Sudburian Reem Fattouh speaks with Jeopardy host and former Sudburian Alex Trebek when she put her considerable brainpower to the test on the gameshow, which aired on Dec. 9.
Question: This metal's name is derived from a word for a demon or little devil.

Answer: What is the clue that cost Reem Fattouh $2,000 on Jeopardy?

This Daily Double Jeopardy clue — with an answer ironically fitting for a Sudbury resident — could be the one question that'll have Reem Fattouh shaking her head for years to come.

The Sudburian and Science North's web editor appeared on the popular game show, hosted by Nickel City native, Alex Trebek, on Dec. 9.

The actual answer was nickel — it's no wonder that as a resident of Sudbury, a city known for its nickel, that moment was "mortifying and hilarious at the same time," Fattouh said Monday evening.

"I can't even tell you how I felt in that moment," Fattouh said. "All I could think was 'At least this makes for good TV.'"

Fattouh was up against Murray Weiss of Woodmere, NY and returning champion Craig Cornish Jr. of Welcome, MD.

During the first round, Fattouh gave Cornish, a trivia powerhouse, a run for his money, holding him to $200 lead.

Fattouh and Cornish dominated the board throughout the game, but Cornish jumped out to a massive — and ultimately, insurmountable — lead, leaving Weiss in the hole with -$1,800 before heading into Final Jeopardy.

Cornish went into the final up $26,400, with Fattouh in second holding $11,400.

“American Presidents” was the topic for Final Jeopardy.

“Although born in the United States,” host Alex Trebek read, “he was the only president who spoke English as a second language.'

Like he had for much of the game, Cornish knew the answer, correctly writing “Martin Van Buren” to win the game and end with a two-day total of $46,800.

"The one category that was the worst (for me) was US Presidents," Fattouh said.

As runner up, Fattouh received $2,000.

"Other than going back and being able to answer all of the questions, I wouldn't change a thing," she told Northern Life. "I'm really grateful that I had the opportunity."


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