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Sudburians asked to #saveLUgreenspace by posting their photos, stories

Laurentian reviewing its real estate holdings as part of its insolvency restructuring
Share photos of Laurentian University’s greenspace on social media.

Sudburians are being asked to share their stories and photos of Laurentian University’s natural areas.

This is as Laurentian is looking to conduct a real estate review as part of its insolvency restructuring which would involve “monetization strategies for the land and buildings.” There is a concern greenspace at Laurentian could be lost through this process.

A group organized to save Laurentian’s greenspace is asking people to create awareness of this area, which is used by the community for hiking, swimming and connecting with nature.

What are your special moments in the Laurentian University greenspace? Share in the #saveLUgreenspace social media campaign.

Splashing at Laurentian Beach, doing the island swim, spotting birds and turtles, taking ski lessons, competing in cross country running or skiing, hiking with friends and family, wowing an out-of-town visitor, share your photos, stories, memories and connections. 

Post on your own social media or in the ‘Help Save Laurentian Trails and its Ecosystem’ Facebook group with the hashtag #saveLUgreenspace, and tag your friends.

Join fellow residents from around Greater Sudbury in celebrating the importance of the LU greenspace and trails to the community.

“I spent countless hours during my childhood and teenage years enjoying #lugreenspace, from learning about aquatic life in the pond, to GTing near Bennett Lake, blueberry picking, swimming at the beach, running, skiing, walking the dog, even training for synchronized swimming,” said Sarah Mackenzie.

“Now, I’m trying to pass on my love for this place to the next generation. I hope it will be there for them to enjoy and for generations to come.”

Concerned residents can find out more at