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Sudbury Credit Union celebrates the community with a week of donations

Charities around the city were pleased to receive a donation as the Sudbury Credit Unions turns International Credit Union Day into a week of giving
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Gerry Lougheed and Julie Aube accept the Sudbury Credit Union donation on behalf of the Maison McCulloch Hospice.

Sometimes one day makes a big difference, one day makes a whole year. 

When you are the Sudbury Credit Union, you can make a year-long difference just by offering a donation to a local charity every day throughout the week of International Credit Union Day. 

A chance to make a difference in the community that they call home, a chance to offer a great help to organizations such as the Sudbury Hospice, Food Bank and even the Sudbury Indie Cinema. 

A total of $35,000 was donated through the initiative to the Sudbury community by the Sudbury Credit Union, money that will enrich the lives of Sudburians and their families. 

The Sudbury Hospice Foundation, which supports the Maison McCulloch Hospice, received the largest donation with $25,000 going to the hospice. 

The Hospice helps residents and their families by attending to their physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and practical needs so residents can live their remaining days in dignity and comfort, surrounded by their loved ones.

The Sudbury Food Bank received a donation of $2,500 to ensure that no one goes hungry in the city. Every dollar donated translates directly into food for someone in need. 

In a release from the Sudbury Credit Union, Dan Xilon, executive director of the food bank, states that not only is the credit union a consistent and strong supporter“ but that their efforts make a difference. 

“Your $2,500 donation will assist us by purchasing approximately $15,000 in nutritional food stocks for our food banks and meal programs,” said Xilon in a release. 

Sudbury Indie Cinema also received $2,500 to help the not-for-profit co-operative bring the best in independent cinema to Northern Ontario with carefully selected films that give a voice to lesser-heard perspectives.

“At Sudbury Indie Cinema, we are so touched and delighted to be the recipient of this generous donation. Our relationship with Sudbury Credit Union is one - we don't simply bank with them, we rely on them as a mentor and local champion in the Co-op sector,” said Beth Mairs, acting executive director of the cinema, in a release. “They always put co-operative values front and centre in the community, and we have learned from them by example.” 

Also receiving that amount is Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers. As they rely on charitable donations, local businesses and fundraising activities, Lana Tremblay, office and event coordinator for Crime Stoppers, states in a release that they truly appreciate the “depth and breadth of Sudbury Credit Union’s continuous and ongoing support.”

The YMCA of Northeastern Ontario was also pleased to receive $2,500, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting their revenue stream. 

“The YMCA of Northeastern Ontario is a charity that is heavily reliant upon a membership model to provide Health and Wellness activities to our community. Obviously, this revenue stream took a huge hit during the pandemic,” states Helen Francis, CEO in a release.  

“Through our My Y is Resilient Campaign, the dollars we have been able to fundraise from the communities we serve, including the fabulous contribution from the Sudbury Credit Union will help to ensure we can continue to deliver relevant, impactful, and importantly sustainable programs and services into the future.”

You can read more about International Credit Union Day and the donations made by Sudbury Credit Union by visiting their website here.