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Sudbury enjoyed an 'almost' record warm temperature on Saturday

The high temperature of 9.8 Celsius didn't last long. Things were back to normal and back to winter on Sunday
weathr-bignic file photo

If you thought Saturday was just a perfectly nice, mild day in Sudbury, you might be an astute weather observer.
Environment Canada has confirmed that Saturday afternoon was an unusually warm high temperature for the final week of November in this part of Northern Ontario. Whether it was a record depends on which database you refer to. 

The federal weather agency has a webpage for Almanac Averages and Extremes, which shows the record high temperature for the area described as "Sudbury-A" on November 26 happened in 2022 -- which was Saturday. This database showed weather records from 2013 to 2022. 

Environment Canada said the temperature reached a high of 9.8 Celsius. The website also showed that this was the highest temperature for November 26 in the past 10 years.

Another part of the almanac which shows an older database for an area described only as "Sudbury" showed a high temperature of 10 Celsius in 1952. This showed weather records from 1887 to 1976. 

By either database, Saturday's temperature was unseasonably warm for the final week of November in this part of the North. 
The Environment Canada Almanac page also showed that on November 26 in 2019, the temperature rose to 4.3 Celsius. The record low temperature for November 26 in Sudbury was minus 7.9 recorded in 2021.