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Sudbury gas now 103.4 (cheaper than Sturgeon Falls), but it's the city's usual price spike day

Prices are 105.6 in Sturgeon Falls and 104.3 in Espanola

Most gas stations in Greater Sudbury have fallen to 103.4, according to However, it's Tuesday, the day gas price increases normally kick in locally, so there could be a price spike within hours.

The cheapest gas in the city is 101.6 at Circle K in Lively. The most expensive gas in the city is 111.9 at Byrnes in Azilda.

Gas costs 104.3 to 104.9 in Espanola and 105.6 in Sturgeon Falls — meaning Sudbury gas is currently cheaper than both of these outlying communities, where prices are normally less.

The average price of gas in Ontario today is 99.1. The cheapest gas in the province is 81.9 in Alderville. The most expensive Ontario gas listed on today is 129.9 in Shabaqua and Atikokan.