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Sudbury Libertarian candidate touts rights and freedoms as motivators

Adrien Berthier is the Ontario Libertarian Party’s candidate for Sudbury; there is currently no Libertarian candidate in the Nickel Belt constituency
Berthier, Adrien, Libertarian Sudbury
Adrian Berthier, Ontario Libertarian Party candidate for the Sudbury riding.

Sudbury’s Ontario Libertarian Party candidate is espousing the virtues of individual rights and freedoms as his key motivators to seek public office. 

Their loss during the last couple of years, said Adrien Berthier, has driven up “to stand up for the rights of Sudburians.”

“For those that feel that the big three political parties have either remained silent or complicit in the loss of individual rights, voting Libertarian can send a powerful message to the politicians at Queen's Park,” he said in an email to 

“I would like to make it impossible to bring back vaccine passports, and would like to explore out of the box thinking on fixing our broken health-care system.”

New solutions to the rising cost of living is important, he wrote, adding that removing impediments and interference with small businesses will also be key.

“I would like to bring in landlord rights to protect people’s private investments and encourage projects to restore the forest and lakes surrounding the city,” he said.

If elected, Berthier pledges to donate 25 per cent of his MPP salary to the Sudbury Food Bank, and challenges other candidates to do the same. 

There is currently no Libertarian candidate registered in Nickel Belt. Candidates have until 2 p.m. on May 12 to file their nomination paperwork. 

Also running in Sudbury are: Marc Despatie (Progressive Conservative), Jamie West (NDP), David Farrow (Liberal), David Robinson (Green), Sheldon Pressey (New Blue), David Sylvestre (None of the Above Party), and Jason LaFace (Ontario Party).


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