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Businesses and performers alike are reaching out using the interwebs
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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses both big and small to make considerable changes to their daily operations. 

On March 17, the province of Ontario became the first in Canada to declare a state of emergency in response to the virus, subsequently closing all non-essential businesses to the public and banning large gatherings. 

Attempts to maintain commerce and engage clients during this period of social distancing has led to some creative alternatives to business as usual, up to and including an influx of online visual content, which is proving to not only be a benefit to hosts but a valuable resource for those in isolation. 

Local musicians have also been livestreaming concerts on social media during this time of physical distancing. wants to celebrate the efforts of these content creators by promoting their unique online alternatives to our readers.

If you're planning an online performance, class, presentation or other event, send the details to so we can spread the word.