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Tent fire in Val Caron spread to brush before being contained

Fire was first reported as black smoke, not deemed suspicious

A fire that began in a tent behind the Metro Grocery Store in Val Caron spread to some of the surrounding bush area this weekend, before being extinguished by the Greater Sudbury Fire Department. 

Deputy chief Jesse Oshell told the call came in around 10:50 p.m. on Saturday, April 30. “We were called for black smoke coming from behind the Metro grocery store in Val Caron,” said Oshell. “Upon arrival, we did locate a tent that was pretty well burnt out and a fire that had spread to the wooded area around it. So we were dealing with a brush fire, as well as the tent and related articles that were within the tent.”

Oshell said there were individuals at the scene, however, “they refused any care or treatments at that time, and then they left.” 

The fire was extinguished after approximately one hour, said Oshell, with the need to both contain the tent fire as well as the need to deploy bush fire equipment. 

It is difficult to tell what started the fire, said Oshell, as tents burn very quickly, as do any materials within. He said that while they are unable to assess where the cause of the fire was, it is, at this point, not considered suspicious.