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The Greens’ Craig Gravelle encourages Nickel Belt residents to ‘be daring’

The community has been left behind by the Conservative and Liberal parties, he says
Craig Gravelle Green Nickel Belt SIzed
Craig Gravelle.

The Green Party’s candidate in the Nickel Belt riding is Craig Gravelle.

Gravelle said he plans to look into issues such as proportional representation within the Canadian electoral system and transitioning to a sustainable green economy, his website says. 

“He is a GLI/UBI (guaranteed liveable income/universal basic income) advocate, a supporter of proportional representation, an advocate for housing as a human right, he is against wars, and Craig knows it is time to transition to a sustainable green economy for the future of Canada,” the Green Party wrote as a part of his biography.

Another part of his campaign is ending colonialism and oppression of Indigenous people. 

“Canada has a profound legal obligation to reconcile and provide restitution for the colonial relations – marked by violent expropriation, displacement, and forced assimilation – that have undermined the cultural, governance and economic foundations of the Indigenous Peoples of this land,” Gravelle wrote on his website. 

Gravelle was raised in various parts of the Greater Sudbury region, as well as Mississauga. The 24-year-old graduated from Humber College in Toronto with a diploma and certificate. He has been cooking in restaurants for the past five years, and three of those years have been in the Greater Sudbury area. 

He said he is excited to represent Nickel Belt as their Green MP, adding that the community has been left behind by the Conservative and Liberal parties. 

“This upcoming election is our time to be daring,” Gravelle said in a pinned tweet. “Daring enough to leave the Conservative and Liberal parties behind. Let’s be daring together.”



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