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THROWBACK THURSDAY: A brief history of mining in Greater Sudbury

We dusted off some old footage of our most famous industry from its earlier days

Approximately 1.849 billion years ago, the City of Greater Sudbury was born.

That might sound like a bit of a stretch but, if it wasn't for a meteorite 15 km in diametre crashing into Copper Cliff (or thereabouts) back in the Paleoproterozoic Era, we wouldn't have the mining industry that ultimately gave rise to our city as we know it today.

So, with two of Sudbury's most important employers, Vale and Glencore, reporting healthy profits last week, we asked the Greater Sudbury Archives to dust off some old footage and photos from the earlier days of this fledgling industry, to give you a brief history of mining in Sudbury.

Take a look in this week's episode of's Throwback Thursday, in which, this being the year of Canada's 150th Annviersary, we celebrate a little bit of Greater Sudbury's history.



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