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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Let's celebrate the Big Nickel

Take a look back at the world's largest five-cent coin

Sudbury loves big things — from having the largest lake within city limits in the world, the second tallest smokestack in the world to some of the biggest potholes you can find anywhere.

But there is one large Sudbury object that, more than simply being an icon of our city, in many ways actually defines our city.

That's the Big Nickel.

To honour the largest five-cent coin in the world and its creator, Ted Szilva, we've dusted off some old photos from the Big Nickel's earlier days.

Take a look in this week's episode of's Throwback Thursday in which, this being the year of Canada's 150th Anniversary, we celebrate a little bit of Greater Sudbury's history.

Thank you to the Greater Sudbury Archives, Science North, and Jim Szilva for supplying some of the photos that appear in this week's episode.


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