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THROWBACK THURSDAY: The Final Episode (it's a blooper reel)

In the series finale, we've gone back through 14 episodes and compiled Callam's worst screw-ups

This is the final episode of Throwback Thursday

After 14 episodes, the well is running a bit dry so, for now, we're going to put our weekly historical video series up on the shelf. 

Who knows? We may decide to dust it off in the future.

But, for now, we've gone back through the raw footage of all 14 episodes and pulled out the best, most memorable, most professional moments we could find.

Just kidding. It's a blooper reel.

Take a look in this final episode of's Throwback Thursday and stay tuned for our new weekly video series coming soon.

Now, we couldn't have made this series without the weekly assistance of the Greater Sudbury Archives. Over fourteen episodes, we weren't able to stump them once. And we definitely tried.

And thank you again for tuning in each week, sharing each episode, and for allowing us to celebrate 14 little pieces of Sudbury with you.