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Timelapse: Stir crazy staffer sculpts giant coronavirus out of snow

Record breaking snowfall that fell on May 7 inspires staffer to give neighbours a chuckle

Greater Sudbury broke a record for snowfall on May 7 after two different spring snowstorms fell within a 24-hour period.

Many Sudbury residents were not happy when they woke up on Friday to find eight centimetres of snow blanketing their patio furniture, lawns and driveways.

But staffer Heather Green-Oliver decided to make the best of the situation. 

Like many other parents, the COVID-19 virus has her working from home while caring for her young son.

Feeling a bit stir-crazy, she decided to give her neighbours a chuckle. 

Heather used a hefty amount of the unwelcome snow on her property to sculpt a five-foot coronavirus on her front lawn.

Check out the timelapse video above to see it take shape.

Stay home and stay safe, Sudbury.

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