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Trudeau Q&A: No money hidden in offshore accounts, PM says

Following his announcement of $26.

Following his announcement of $26.7 million in federal funding for the Maley Drive Extension project, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took questions from reporters on a gamut of issues, from more infrastructure investment to roads to the Ring of Fire to whether the Trudeau family has money stashed in off-shore accounts.

The Panama Papers made international headlines this week, revealing several world leaders and high-profile business people had millions stashed away in off-shore accounts.

Asked during a Q&A with reporters after an infrastructure announcement for Sudbury about his own family's finances, Trudeau was quick to respond that no, the Trudeau clan isn't hiding money outside the country.

"I've been transparent with my family's finances," the prime minister said. "The Panama Papers highlight some very real concerns ... wealthy people have been very successful avoiding paying their fair share of taxes."

Although released before the release of the Panama Papers, Trudeau said the federal budget included more than $400 million for Revenue Canada, although he wasn't clear how this connected to preventing Canadians from hiding money in off-shore tax havens.

The prime minister was also asked about the Ring of Fire and whether the federal government would be providing infrastructure funds to get a road into the mineral deposit in northwestern Ontario. Trudeau acknowledged the importance of developing the deposit, and said he would have more to say on funding in the coming months.

Asked how providing infrastructure funding for a road fits with his election vow to be more green, Trudeau tried to draw a parallel between fostering economic growth and investing in green solutions. will have more coverage of Prime Minister Trudeau's visit to the city this evening, including a more in-depth story, the full video of the press conference at Tom Davies Square and a photo gallery of the visit.


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