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Two cubs and an itchy mama bear take on a Sudbury residence

Apparently, bears have an affinity for Greater Sudbury neighbourhoods, with having received another bear sighting video

It’s not everywhere you will find bears visiting your home, but Northern Ontario appears to be one of those places.

Last month, two cubs and an itchy mama bear were filmed in a Sudbury resident’s backyard, making it the second bear sighting video has received in recent weeks.

The two cubs appear to have wandered into a backyard, where they claimed their new hangout spot. Soon afterward, an itchy mama bear joined the two cubs in the yard. 

Sudbury resident Samantha Graham submitted the videos of her new friends for’s “Animal Watch” series. 

“Well, at least they’re not eating my tomatoes,” Graham said in the video. 

While the bears spared Graham’s garden, they most certainly left a memorable impression. always encourages viewers to stay safe when encountering wildlife. Check a few safety tips from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry by clicking here, which you should keep in mind in the event you ever find yourself coming face to face with a bear.

Have you had an animal encounter? Send the video to! We do encourage you to be safe when interacting with wildlife, however, so don't take unnecessary risks just to get the shot. We love seeing your wildlife videos and sharing them. Send yours to


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