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Update: Paris Street Starbucks finally has an opening date

Still no date provided for the Barrydowne location

While has not had any luck getting Starbucks to cough up the opening dates for the two new locations the popular coffee chain is opening in the NIckel City, Facebook has come to the rescue.

Starbucks Paris Street has a Facebook page, it seems, and it's on that page that we managed to find an opening date for that location at least ... and it's not too far off. 

You can be enjoying a cup of Starbucks' joe at the Paris Street location in Plaza 69 come Sept. 12, if all things go according to plan.

The second new location is still being built at the Greenvale Court complex off Barrydowne Road, and will feature a drive-thru window.

Greater Sudbury is already home to two Starbucks locations, one located inside Chapters off The Kingsway, and the other is at Laurentian University.