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Pole fire update: Ramsey Lake Road reopened

Fire caused traffic snarl near Health Sciences North this morning

Updated at 11:26 a.m.: While the power outage might have only been four minutes, Greater Sudbury Utilities is saying Ramsey Lake Road will be down to one lane for much of the day as crews from the utillity company replace a pole damaged in a fire this morning.

That work is expected to take most of today.

GSU also notes that the power to Science North will be temporarily interrupted for an hour or two today as power lines are migrated over to the new pole. This work shouldn't impact any other customer in the area, GSU said in a statement to media.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, GSU reported.

Updated at 11 a.m.: It didn't take Greater Sudbury Utilities the 15 minutes the company thought it would to make repairs to a utility pole that caught fire on Ramsey Lake Road this morning.

Originally, the minor power disruption was expected to take two hours, then 15 minutes. Turns out, even 15 minutes was generous. The disruption lasted a total of four minutes.

It will take GSU crews much of the rest of the day to replace the utility pole however.

Ramsey Lake Road has been re-opened as well.

Updated at 10:43 a.m.: Greater Sudbury Utilties has provided more details on the power disruption resulting from this morning pole fire on Ramsey Lake Road near Health Sciences North.

GSU says the outage will last about 15 minutes and begin by 10:45 a.m.

The outage will affected about 12 residents on Ramsey Lake Road, Paris Street and Centennial Drive. It will also impact Science North, the Travelway Inn, the Northern Water Sports Centre, the Sudbury and District Health Unit. and École St-Denis.

Health Sciences North will not be affected.

GSU originally expected the outage to last a couple of hours, but the utility is now saying it will be brief, about 15 minutes.

Updated at 10:15 a.m.: Greater Sudbury Utilities has provided an update on the power disruption resulting from this morning's utility pole fire on Ramsey lake Road. 

GSU said the power outage will impact Science North, the Northern Water Sports Centre and the Travelway Inn. About 12 residential customers will also be impacted.

Updated: 9:52 a.m. The utility pole fire on Ramsey Lake Road near Health Sciences North has been extinguished, but a section of the road remains closed.

If you need to get onto Ramsey Lake Road, traffic is being re-routed through the hospital parking lot using the Paris Street access near Sudbury and District Health Unit.

A crew from Greater Sudbury Utilities is on hand to replace the burned utility pole and restore power.

Updated at 9:45 a.m.: Greater Sudbury Utilities says the utility pole that caught fire on Ramsey Lake Road this morning has caused a minor power disruption.

The pole will need to be replaced. has asked but has not yet received an answer from the GSU about how widespread that power disruption is and if Health Sciences North is impacted.

Meanwhile, reporter Heidi Ulrichsen is on the scene. She said traffic is moving along Paris Street, but it is moving very slowly. Avoid the area if you can.

Original story

A utility pole fire on Ramsey Lake Road has closed a section of the road.

The road is closed from the intersection with Paris Street to the Ramsey Lake Road entrance to Health Sciences North. The intersection remains open, however.*

If you need to access the hospital, you can, using the Paris Street entrance the hospital shares with Sudbury and District Health Unit.

Drivers should expect delays. will update this story as more information is made available.

*An earlier version of this story stated the intersection itself was closed. That was an error.


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