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Video: Bears spend Mother's Day in a tree in Coniston (Photos)

MNR lays traps for bruin family who moved into Walter Street neighbourhood

Mother's Day brought a little more excitement than usual to a neighbourhood in Coniston yesterday.

Three bears, a sow and two perhaps year-old cubs, set up shop in a backyard tree. Marty St. Jacques, the owner of the home, said the trio had been around the neighbourhood for two or three days, climbing trees and clambering through backyards. 

Greater Sudbury Police were called to the home around dinner time Sunday. They kept the animals confined to a large tree in the St. Jacques' backyard, while awaiting the arrival of conservation officers (COs) from the MNRF.

While the sow kept a watchful eye from a crook in the tree some 20 feet up, her youngsters played and climbed some 10 feet below her. 

Shortly after their arrival, the COs determined it would be unwise to try to tranquilize the bears where they were, as there was too much potential for them to be injured.

Traps were baited and set for the trio of bruins. As of Monday morning, the traps were still in place.