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Video: Dashcam captures near head-on collision with transport truck

Driver posts video to stress the importance of staying alert while driving

Lauren Ferris and her boyfriend were moving from Victoria, B.C. to Ottawa when the vehicle they were driving nearly collided head-on with a tractor trailer on Hwy. 17.

On May 13, the couple had just crossed the Manitoba/Ontario border in Northern Ontario when the tractor-trailer crossed the center line as it was coming around a bend in the highway.

Ferris, who was driving, reacted quickly but calmly. In the GoPro footage you can hear her gasp sharply and she managed to steer the vehicle onto the shoulder of the road as the transport sped past in her lane.

Instead of spurring profanity at the transport driver (as most of us would do), Ferris' boyfriend immediately praised her for her quick thinking.

"Atta girl babe," he said.

"This is why you should never drive distracted." Ferris wrote in the video's description on

"You never know what can happen...Be aware, stay alert and drive safe."

Heather Green-Oliver

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