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Video: Did you see this lightning cloud last night?

Odd lightning show sighted across Greater Sudbury

Facebook lit up with photos and videos of an odd lightning show that was sighted above Sudbury Wednesday night.

Natalie Chretien posted a video on the Valley East page of a single cloud looming in the distance, on an otherwise clear night sky. In the video you can see lightning flashing within the cloud without the sound of thunder.

The post quickly sparked comments from other Sudburians who said they also spotted the lone flashing cloud.

Sightings were reported near Fairbanks, New Sudbury, Val Caron and Capreol.

According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, the term intra-cloud lightning refers to lightning embedded within a cloud that lights up as a sheet of luminosity during the flash.

Heat lightning, is lightning or lightning-induced illumination that is too far away for thunder to be heard.

Lightning can also travel from cloud-to-cloud. Spider lightning refers to long, horizontally traveling flashes often seen on the underside of stratiform clouds.