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Video: Sudbury's Finnish bakery turns 60, watch their famous jelly pig donuts take shape!

Leinala's Bakery shows us what goes into making the store's best seller

Aaron Laakso never met his grandmother Elli Leinala but says he feels honoured to carry on her legacy at Leinala's Bakery.

The Sudbury Finnish bakery turned 60 in February and to celebrate the occasion, visited the family run business.

Watch the video above as head baker Aaron Laakso whips-up dozens of their popular jelly pigs and reminisces about what it was like to grow up in a bakery.

Laakso's grandparents, Arvi and Elli, first opened Leinala's Bakery in 1961. His parents Mark and Marjaana took over the business in 1978 when it was located on Antwerp Avenue. 

Although many people have worked at the bakery over the past 60 years, it is now primarily run by family members including Laakso's father, his sister Erika Caron, who is the store manager and cake decorator. Caron's daughter, Brinnly, works in the store along with Laakso's other niece, Tiana Tyres who also bakes.

The bakery is known for its delicious traditional Finnish treats such as pulla (sweet Finnish cardamom bread), jelly pigs (raspberry jam-filled sugar donuts), honey donuts, cakes, cookies and tarts.

Leinala's Bakery is located at 272 Caswell Drive in Sudbury.