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Video: We surprised Finlandia moms with flowers, they surprised us with beautiful memories

Five moms remember becoming "Äiti," or "mom" some 60 years after first children were born

Five women from Finlandia Nursing Home shared their stories about the early days when first children were born. In celebration of Mother's Day, we were able to bring them flowers.

Hilkka Hostella is 85-years-old. When asked what she remembers about the first time she saw her daughter she said, "She looked like me."

Like other moms at Finlandia, Hostella totally adores her three grandchildren, some of whom are studying at university.

The pride she feels toward them brims from the surface of her thoughts. When asked what's her favourite thing about being a mother she remains in the present and says, "My grandkids are so smart."  

Lila Ranta says the same about her grandchildren. She had two sons with her late husband who, according to her, was glad to have boys since he was the only one in his family.

Seventy-six years have passed since Heleena Heikilla had her first son at 18. Now 94, she remembers it all with ease.

The small detail of going into labour at 3 a.m. and noticing a clock on a church while going to the hospital has not escaped her. She has a large family and she celebrates their connectedness with photos from weddings and reunions through out her lovely home. 

Maija Tastula also remembers her two labours readily, sharing her memory of how easily her first child was born -- "In the hospital bathroom!" she said with a laugh.

Her second child, a daughter was born at home. She remembers how in Finland newborn babies were swaddled tightly for the first month. There's something in her telling that says she wishes things were that way still sometimes. 

For some of these moms, being a parent has meant not only giving birth to children, but also losing them. After having served in the army for 25 years, Edna Servos' son Andrew sadly passed away at the age of 63.

Roughly a year has now passed and in speaking about the time she first became a mother, she remembers her firstborn "Andy" fondly. Servos has 12 children, 25 grandchildren, 26 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great grandchildren.  She is 83 years old. 

No one remembers being born, but for these moms, they will never forget becoming a mother.

Watch the video above to hear these wonderful women share their stories in their own words. Their smiles, laughter and generosity are luminous, and their words are full of love.