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Video: Why wash our hands so much? This YouTuber shows how easily germs spread

Still not washing your hands? This video will convince you otherwise

Are you still having to remind your kids (and maybe even a few grown ups) to wash their hands?

This experiment from Mark Rober may help. You might recognize Rober from the his porch pirate glitter bomb video that went viral in late 2019 and has racked up nearly 80 million views on YouTube. Relive the fun of that video here

Well, Rober's back and this time he's got an object lesson for kids (and adults) on how easily germs spread.

Using a container of Glo Germ powder (a visual tool for handwashing) and a black light, the American YouTuber shows us how easily germs are spread in a classroom.

First, he brushed the invisible powder on the hands of just one teacher and one student.

You can probably guess what happened when he turned out the lights.

Check out the video above as Rober explains viruses, how they get spread from person to person and how washing our hands and social distancing is our best defence against COVID-19. 

Oh, and clean your phones and other devices regularly (yuck!).

"You should be concerned and take this seriously, but regardless of what you see in the coming weeks, there’s absolutely no need to panic." Rober said. 

"Our goal is to flatten the curve so that reported cases stay just under the capacity of the health care system, and social distancing is the best knob that we can turn to effect that." 

"Again, take this seriously, but there’s absolutely no need to panic. We totally got this."