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Video: Winter's Best sliding hill in Sudbury goes to...

Despite popular belief, sliding is not outlawed across Greater Sudbury - watch as we clear up the misconceptions

This past summer, introduced its Summer's Best series. We visited the Nickel City's best beach, best chip stand and more — and it was all based on votes from you, our readers!

The hot days of summer may be long gone, but winter has its perks too and we're going to explore all the great things our city has to offer during the winter months!

First up, we asked you: Where is Sudbury’s best sliding hill? Oddly enough, the majority of the votes weren’t actually votes at all - rather, we received comments like “The city outlawed sliding” and “’s against the law to slide anywhere.” 

By the way, sliding or sledding is not outlawed across the city. Check out the video as we clear-up these misconceptions and take a ride (more like tumble) down the old ski hill in Capreol, which was voted Winter's Best! 

You can find the hill at 9 Morin in Capreol. 

What you need to know:

In 2015, the city was forced to close a popular sliding hill at Queen's Athletic Field because someone was seriously injured at the site and it resulted in a lawsuit.

At the time, the city posted no-sliding signs at all hills located on city property, but after receiving public backlash, they quickly changed their minds. 

Instead of prohibiting sliding, the city decided to put up safety barriers at popular sliding hills located on city property - like the hill at Bell Park. 

However, due safety concerns, the hill at Queen's Athletic remains closed.

But that’s okay; there are plenty of other hills that make for some great sliding!

The City of Greater Sudbury made a list of unofficial sliding hills located on city property. Families are free to use any of the following hills, but remember to use caution. Click here to read about tobaggan safety. 

Antwerp Playground 
Location: 459 Antwerp Street, Sudbury

Bell Park 
Elizabeth Street sliding hill. Entrance on Elizabeth Street, Sudbury
Grace Hartman Amphitheatre sliding hill. Entrance on Paris Street (near intersection of Paris and York streets)

Capreol Sliding Hill
Location of former ski hill. Entrance on Lakeshore Street, Capreol

Centennial Arena
4333 Centennial Drive, Hanmer

Delki Dozzi Playground 
3 Mary Street, Sudbury

Dorsett Sliding Hill
Corner of Bancroft and Nottingham, Sudbury

Falconbridge Community Centre 
63 Edison Road, Falconbridge

Ridgecrest Playground 
1437 Roy Avenue, Sudbury

Robinson Playground
215 Cranbrook Crescent, Sudbury

Toe Blake Arena
1 Government Road, Coniston

Valley Stream Playground 
Embassy Street, Sudbury

Westmount Playground 
109 Kipling Court, Sudbury

Whitewater Lake Park  
535 Laurier Street, Azilda

Next up: we want to know where is the best place to go skating outdoors in Greater Sudbury? Click here to vote and tune in next Friday, February 2, to see which ice rink or path was voted Winter's Best.

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