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VILLAGE VIDEO: Big cats! Just 'lion' around

Check them out hanging out on top of rocky outcrops, or even laying in the middle of the road

Just this past December, Village Media's Jake Cormier went on a tour of several parks in Tanzania, including the Serengeti.

The big attraction for many people visiting Africa is to see some lions, which you might assume are a rarer find while driving across the countryside. 

On the contrary, lions are everywhere, often predictably hanging out on top of rocky outcrops or even laying in the middle of the road. 

They've also been known to enjoy the shade cast by safari vehicles - only inches away from tourists. 

One of the vehicles ahead of Jake's tour was unable to move for quite a while because a large lion was lying between the tires. The guide poured out a bottle of water on the lion to get him to finally move.

In the coming weeks, Village Media will be running a series of videos meant to enlighten and/or entertain you while we all go through this period of COVID-19 isolation. We hope you enjoy!

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