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WATCH: Introducing new media reporter Eden Suh

Straight from Ottawa, Eden Suh is getting to know the Nickel City — watch her adjust to life in Sudbury as she starts a new job and a new adventure in a new city

Sudbury doesn’t feel quite like home yet, but I’m here to stay for a while. 

My name is Eden Suh and I am the newest addition to I moved here not too long ago from Ottawa, and I am excited to be a part of the Sudbury community.

I am here to replace the new media reporter, Heather Green-Oliver while she is on her maternity leave for the next year and a bit (I know, I’ve got big shoes to fill). I’ve been doing photography since high school and learned more about video journalism while studying for my master’s of journalism degree at Carleton University. 

I’m most excited about capturing stories of Sudbury through a lens. 

Having lived in Ottawa for nine years, this is my first time in this small, but beautiful city. I really have no idea where to go, where to eat and what to do. 

So, I’m kicking off a new series here at, one that I hope you, our readers, can help me with. I want to explore the city and discover new places to love. 

I want to see the Big Nickel and pay a visit to the Grotto, but I’m sure there are lots of cool places in the city that I haven’t heard about. Greater Sudbury has a lot to offer and this segment will follow my journey as I evolve from basically a tourist in Sudbury into a Sudburian. 

Join me on this video series and feel free to leave suggestions in the comments for ideas on what I should see or do next for each episode. You can also email me at

To new chapters and new beginnings, this is: Eden gets to know Sudbury.