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We visited the new cereal-infused ice cream shop in Chelmsford

CEREALously Creamy Ice Cream bar holding its grand opening May 14

Ice cream for breakfast anyone? checked out the CEREALously Creamy Ice Cream bar this week before the shop’s official in Chelmsford on May 14.

Infusing ice cream with cereal? We definitely had to pay them a visit. You can watch the TikTok video from our visit below.

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Owners Marc-André Marseille and Lauren Williamson were introduced to the idea of combining ice cream and breakfast cereal into an aesthetically pleasing ice cream cone when they visited New York City four years ago. 

“I've known my husband for about 15 years now and as long as I've known him, he's wanted to do flavored soft serve,” Williamson said. “But then when we went to New York, and we went to this ice cream and cereal bar, he just thought that was like the coolest thing ever.” 

You can experience the fruits of that inspiration yourself on May 14, when the Cerealously Creamy Ice Cream Bar opens at 3888 Regional Road 15 in Chelmsford. Their menu ranges from infusing Cinnamon Toast Crunch to Fruit Loops to using Golden Grahams cereal to create a ‘Strawberry Cheesecake’ milkshake. asked Williamson what her favourite flavour was in the menu. 

“To choose a favourite favourite, I don't know,” she said. “I have a strong liking for the ‘Froop Loop’ just because it’s created after our kids.”

The ‘Froop Loop’ ice cream incorporates Froot Loops cereal and berries in the ice cream. It’s topped with a strawberry syrup and Froot Loops as garnish. 

“So my daughter can't say Froot Loops to save her life … so she calls them ‘Froop Loops’, hence where the name was born.”

The shop is located in a property shared between three other businesses, and the owners are all family. Nickel City Cheese owner Nicole Paquin is the matriarch.

Her son, Raphael Marseille, operates the NCC Poutinerie chipstand at the site, using the cheese curds from his mother’s shop next door to make poutine – a Canadian classic. Right next to the chip stand is NCC Sweetest Delights, the mini donut shop run by Paquin’s son Robin Marseille. The last to join the family block of businesses is Marc-Andre Marseille and Lauren Williamson with the ice cream shop.

So if you’re looking to try out cereal-infused ice cream with a side of poutine and mini donuts, check out 3888 Regional Road 15, Chelmsford for the grand opening on May 14