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Weather update: It's going to be flipping cold tonight

Not only will it be cold, it's going to be windy. Beware of frostbite

We're getting a bit of February weather tonight, Nickel City.

Well it's not too bad out right now — under -5 degrees with light snow and a northwest wind — things are going to get ugly tonight.

It'll stay partly cloudy through the evening, but expect the wind to turn northerly and the sky to clear around midnight as the temperature falls to -26 C. The wind chill through the evening will make it feel like -20 C. Overnight and into the early morning, that wind chill is going to feel like -34 C.

Obviously, with those kind of temperatures, there's a risk of frostbite to exposed skin and to the extremities.

Skies will stay clear on Friday, which means the temperature will remain frigid.

That -34 C wind chill is expected to last through Friday morning, so bear that in mind before leaving for work and getting the kids out to the school. Friday's high will be -12 C.