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What are the chances?! Sudbury’s Jessop family wins HSN 50/50 cash lottery jackpot for the second time

Jay and Julie Jessop are ecstatic at winning the prize for a second time and can’t wait to start giving to their community
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Jay and Julie Jessop are ecstatic at winning the HSN 50/50 jackpot for a second time and can’t wait to start giving to their community.

Health Sciences North (HSN) Foundation, NEO Kids Foundation, Northern Cancer Foundation, and the HSN Volunteer Association have announced November’s HSN 50/50 Cash Lottery for the North jackpot of $476,808 has been won by Jay and Julie Jessop of Sudbury. 

If that wasn’t lucky enough, back In October, the couple took home more than $500,000 in that month’s draw.

“This is the second time loyal ticket purchasers Jay and Julie have won the HSN 50/50 grand prize and the odds are astronomical,” the release reads.

The couple said they are simply overwhelmed at their unbelievable luck.

“I mean, what is there to say, really? We’re just very, very overwhelmed. It’s incredibly surreal” said a still shocked Jay Jessop a day after the draw was made, “We’re not even sure what to say to each other now after yesterday, let alone talk to friends and family. We just can’t believe our luck.”

“Of course, I was a mess all day yesterday. We were so blessed to win the first time and this is just so over the top.” said Julie Jessop. “Our minds immediately went to giving back. We know how important it is to help children, especially during the holiday season. We’re so thankful to be able to take care of our family, but now we can also make a difference in our community and we’re excited at that prospect.”

December’s HSN 50/50 draw is live at “12 Days of Giving” is back and that means that early ticket purchasers will be entered to win 12 gift card prizes along with four cash prizes, including the biggest VIP Early Bird Prize yet, $15,000.

There will be 17 draws through the month of December including $22,000 of cash prizes, a total of $2,400 in gift cards for “12 Days of Giving” and the grand prize jackpot. Any tickets purchased before 8:00 a.m. the day of the early bird draws will be included in that day’s draw. 

The jackpot is updated online in real-time and continues to grow as more people buy tickets. Each month half of the total ticket sales support patient care at HSN and the other half goes to one lucky winner. Funds raised  support those living with cancer, specialized pediatric care and necessary equipment.