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'You deserve our recognition': Hard-working Boréal students, two community organizations honoured

More than 50 awards handed out by francophone community college at convocation
NorthEastern Ontario Construction Association (NOCA) president Denis Shank receives the Collège Boréal President’s Award from Daniel Giroux, president of the college. (Supplied)

During graduation ceremonies last month and this month, Collège Boréal presented its academic and community excellence awards.
More than 50 awards valued at $100 to $2,000 were handed out in recognition of exceptional individual achievement to Collège Boréal students across the college’s seven Ontario campuses. 

The awards recognize academic or sporting achievements, community involvement, leadership and perseverance against obstacles.  
Two special awards recognize special academic achievements, one for Indigenous and Métis students, and the other for students who are the first generation in their families to obtain a post-secondary diploma.  
Collège Boréal also presents two community awards to its partners in recognition of their exceptional contribution to the college and the communities it serves. 

See the full list of award winners below.

“I wish to extend warm thanks to our 700 graduates and the proud recipients of excellence awards,” said Daniel Giroux, Collège Boréal president, in a press release.

“You deserve our recognition. I also wish to thank the two community organizations we have recognized this year. These awards are a testament to the importance of community networks that ensure our outreach. Bravo to them!” 
This year, the Collège Boréal President’s Award was presented to the NorthEastern Ontario Construction Association (NOCA) for its commitment to Collège Boréal students. 

The NOCA supports student placements and the hiring of the college’s graduates among its member organizations.  
The Collège Boréal Board Chair Award is presented this year to the Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council (HIPC), an organization devoted to orientation and integration of new immigrants. 

In Hamilton, an area where the Francophone community’s profile is on the rise, the HIPC has become a close partner for Collège Boréal and provides solid support to many projects.  
In total, more than 700 diplomas will be awarded at this year’s graduation ceremonies.

Community Awards:

Collège Boréal President’s Award – Recognizes a private enterprise for exceptional contributions to the development of Collège Boréal and the communities it serves.  Winner: NOCA / NorthEastern Ontario Construction Association 
Collège Boréal Chair of the Board of Directors’ Award – Recognizes a community organization for exceptional contributions to the development of Collège Boréal and the communities it serves. Winner: Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council (HIPC)

Excellence Awards: 

  • Daniel Giroux Bursary – For academic and sporting achievements ($2,000) Winner: Brianne Chouinard, Dental Hygienist, Sudbury

  • Pierre Riopel Bursary – For outstanding community involvement ($2,000) Winner: Yang Po Lao, Social Services Worker, Windsor 

  • Denis Hubert Dutrisac Bursary – For the academic achievements of a first-generation post-secondary student of Métis or Indigenous descent ($2,000) Winner: Ashley Durepos, Funeral Director Class 1, Sudbury 

  • Gisèle Chrétien Bursary – For academic perseverance ($2,000) Winner: Kristina Cox, Social Services Worker, Sudbury 

  • Jean Watters Bursary – For outstanding association leadership ($2,000) Winner: Crépin Foké, Automotive Service Technician, Sudbury 

  • Collège Boréal Foundation Award of Excellence – For remarkable perseverance, independence and ingenuity ($2,000) Winner: Laila Fateh, Child and Youth Worker, Toronto 

  • Governor General’s Medal of Excellence – For academic excellence Winner: Manon Paquette, Computer Engineering Technology, Sudbury

Academic Excellence Bursaries 
These bursaries are awarded to students who obtain a diploma or certificate from Collège Boréal with the highest marks in their family of programs. ($1000) 
School of Health Sciences Winner: Monica Arianna Colella, Pharmacy Technician, Toronto  
School of Business, Community Services, Arts, Development and General Science Winner: Manon Paquette, Computer Engineering Technology, Sudbury  
School of Trades, Applied Technologies, Environment and Natural Resources Winner: Gabriel Grenier, Electronics Engineering Technology – instrumentation, Sudbury

Vale Bursaries – For academic excellence in mining studies ($2,000) 


  • Dominique Kelly Marie Brunelle, Electrical Engineering Technology, Sudbury 
  • Thierry L. Nicolas Dugas, Electrical Engineering Technology, Sudbury 
  • Tylor Gauthier, Mechanical Millwright Technician, Sudbury 
  • Christian Swayne, Construction Technician, Mining and Civil, Sudbury 
  • Gabriel Grenier, Electronics Engineering Technology – Instrumentation, Sudbury  François Daniel Labelle, Heavy Equipment Technician, Sudbury

First-Generation Excellence Award – For academic excellence of graduates who are the first generation in their family to pursue college or university studies. 

  • Valérie Lavictoire, Dental Hygienist, Sudbury 
  • Ginette Lamour, Early Childhood Education, Toronto 
  • Franklin Kabambi Ntumba, Business Administration, Toronto 
  • Asa Dieu Merci Mudi, Construction Technician, Mining and Civil, Sudbury 
  • Josée Ayotte, Practical Nursing (2 years), Sudbury 
  • Julienne Lama, Diagnostic Ultrasound (graduate certificate), Sudbury 
  • Sony Coulombe, Business Administration, Timmins  
  • Dominique Routhier Major, Massage Therapy, Sudbury 
  • Karim Moussaoui, Legal Assistant, Toronto 
  • Brianne Chouinard, Dental Hygienist, Sudbury 
  • Komlanvi Lazare Tchalla, Social Services Worker, Toronto  
  • T’yanna Roy, Dental Hygienist, Sudbury 
  • Fedner Charles, Child and Youth Worker, Toronto 
  • Jérémy Bourgouin, Electrical Engineering Technology, Sudbury 
  • Joëlle Proulx, Social Services Worker, Sudbury 
  • Stéphanie Bernier, Veterinary Care Technician, Sudbury 
  • Juan Daniel Zamora, Business Administration, Toronto 
  • Aucéane Racicot, Veterinary Care Technician, Sudbury/Alfred 
  • Alpha Mumbere, Police Foundation, Windsor 
  • Vanessa Grenier, General Arts and Science Program 
  • One year – PASC, Kapuskasing 
  • Gloria Mwinyi, Office Administration, Toronto 
  • Mahamat Mahamat Djibrine, Peace and Conflict Studies, Toronto 
  • Noelle Gori, Business Administration – Accounting, Sudbury
  • Kayla Chartrand, Social Services Worker, Sudbury 
  • Aimée Kisila Mwinyi, Early Childhood Education, Toronto 
  • Caroline Pellerin, Electrical Engineering Technology, Sudbury 
  • Vincent Olivier Malette, Heavy Equipment Technician, Sudbury  
  • Diack Gning, Early Childhood Education, Toronto 
  • Adam Mahamat Saleh, Construction Technician, Mining and Civil, Sudbury  
  • Lydia Blanchet, Veterinary Care Technician, Sudbury 
  • Hilda N’sele Mukele, Child and Youth Worker, Toronto 
  • Amani Kisangara Emmanuel, Police Foundations, Windsor 
  • Gercie Mouke-Leho, Social Services Worker, Toronto 
  • Daniel Godbout, Police Foundations, Sudbury 
  • Sana Belhadad, Early Childhood Education, Toronto

Indigenous post-secondary education and training bursaries – To promote postsecondary education and training among Indigenous people 

  • Emilie Honse, Architectural Technology, Sudbury  
  • Jean-Claude Fillion, Practical Nursing (2 years), Toronto  
  • Maxim Lefrançois, Motive Power Techniques, Sudbury 
  • Elysa Beauchamp, Child and Youth Worker, Sudbury  
  • Tanya Rogers, Machinist, Sudbury

ACFO du Grand Sudbury Gaétan Gervais Bursary – Recognizes the contribution of a young person to the development and promotion of the region’s Franco-Ontarian community ($100) 

Winner: Véronique St-Jean, Social Services Worker, Sudbury