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Local News

Long-serving school trustee was dedicated ?to the kids?

Winslow Case loved Sudbury. He demonstrated his passion for his community by the good work he did. Many of the people he touched with his generous spirit mourned him yesterday at a memorial service at the Church of the Epiphany.

Future looks bright for Falco in Sudbury

BY CRAIG GILBERT Local reaction to Falconbridge?s commitment to sinking $413 million to make the Nickel Rim South deposit east of Hanmer a fully operational mine site has been predictably overwhelmingly positive.

Hospital staff work overtime

Just after 4 pm Thursday a power grid black out hit 50 million people across Ontario and the eastern United States.

World meets at Sudbury?s Mining Show

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW Today marks the opening of the 2004 Mining Show. For two days, scores of mining exhibitors will display the latest in technology, products, and services.

?Make things as beautiful as possible, wealth will follow?

BY VICKI GILHULA Bruce Mau Design has provided visual corporate identities for clients such as the Art Gallery of Ontario, Roots, and Indigo Books. These identities or Â?brandingÂ? make them stand out in the marketplace.

Greater Sudbury family wins Kinsman house

BY KEITH LACEY In their 51 years of marriage, Georges and Rita Beaulieu have shared a lot, but they Â?havenÂ?t won a thing.

RNs casualty of hospital budget crunch

BY HEIDI ULRICHSEN heidi@northernlife.

St. Andrew?s Church members organize show and sale

BY MICHAEL JAMES Imagine, if you will, you are a member of a church congregation.

Love brought Mexican food to town

BY BILL BRADLEY Sudbury is getting a new restaurant. La Casa Mexicana is opening in the old telegraph office next to Market Square.

Falco applies for rezoning for open pit mine

BY CRAIG GILBERT Greater Sudbury could have another mine in the short term rather than the long term, according to the city?s director of planning services. Falconbridge Ltd.