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Winter Driving Tips

The first major snowfall of the fall season always means trouble on Sudbury and area highways and roads and Greater Sudbury Police are urging all drivers to use extra precaution following Tuesday morningÂ?s early morning storm.

Sudbury Transit offering express service to LU

Laurentian University students will have access to an ?express bus? during peak times in the morning and afternoon.

LU president impressed by ?passionate? Sudburians

By Keith Lacey After a couple of months on the job, Laurentian University?s new president said the school and city have plenty of hard work ahead to overcome Sudbury?s poor reputation as a place to go to school or start a new business.

Lively residents concerned about tailing dust

BY BILL BRADLEY Two Lively residents are complaining of health problems because of soot falling on their property from Inco tailings across the road.

Southview/Martindale residents evacuated due to gas leak early Dec. 24

SUV lost control and struck gas main on corner The driver of an SUV that slid into a gas main at the corner of Southview Drive and Martindale Road in the wee hours of Christmas Eve may be charged with careless driving, according to Greater Sudbury Po

Rotary Park: Enhancing life in the city

BY KEITH LACEY A group of committed, hard working citizens are thrilled with the progress being made on what they hope will become one of this cityÂ?s most used park and trail systems.

University teach-in to focus on war

A teach-in entitled Stop the War Against Iraq will be held in Laurentian UniversityÂ?s Lower Fraser Auditorium today at 1:30 pm.

Teen hurt by Halloween prank; may lose sight in one eye

A teen was injured Halloween evening. Sudbury police say about 7 pm, a 13-year-old girl, who was making the rounds with a friend on Auger Street in New Sudbury, was stuck in the eye by an egg.

Where?s the angel?

We forgive them for they know not what they did. Last week someone stole an angel from the front yard of a home in Minnow Lake. The three-foot white concrete angel has special meaning to the family, especially the two young children.

Northern Life?s Top 10 news stories of 2002

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