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New priest for St. Anthony?s church to be announced soon

St. Anthony?s church in the Gatchell should get a new priest soon, says parish council president Rita Verrilli. The church almost merged with St.

Names in the News

Greg Baiden , professor of engineering at Laurentian University and chair in robotics in mine automation, is making presentations on mining in outer space, the ocean floor and ?deep in the Earth?s crust? to senior students in area secondary school.

Monkeying around at Science North

The "Chimp Forest" is under construction at Science North. It's part of the new travelling exhibit, Discovering Chimpanzees: The Remarkable World of Jane Goodall .

Express News

Helen Beaudry, 54, of Sudbury was in Toronto late last week to claim her $250,000 from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation office. She won the Encore jackpot from the April 19 draw. The ticket was purchased at the Minnow Lake Kwik Way.

SNO employees say yes to union

The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) employees voted 82 per cent in favour of joining the United Steelworkers of America. The vote was held at the Neutrino Observatory, a scientific research facility located at Inco?s Creighton Mine last Monday.

Inco set to celebrate

When the Wright brothers lifted off into their first sustained and controlled flight in 1902, Inco?s Sudbury operations had already been in production for around a year.

Names in the News

LU recruitment poster wins award Laurentian University’s public affairs office will be presented a prestigious award by the Canadian Council for Advancement of Education during its annual conference to be held in Saskatoon next month.

Northerners need break on airfares: Diane Marleau

By Rick Pusiak Sudbury MP Diane Marleau put quite a bit of pep into what was supposed to be a happy news conference announcing $1.12 million in federal funding for Sudbury Airport.

The evolution of Dynamic Earth

ItÂ?s full speed ahead on the fundraising and construction of SudburyÂ?s newest tourist attraction. Dynamic Earth, an earth sciences centre, is targeted to open in the spring of 2003. The centre is expected to generate $12.

Express News

Greyhound helps students Greyhound Canada is offering students the chance to take home prizes and scholarships for their academic achievements.