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Police warn drivers to not pass stopped school buses

The traffic management unit of the Greater Sudbury Police reports it has charge two more vehicle owners with school bus offences over the past 10 days.

Hospital fixes operating room heating problems

Sudbury Regional Hospital recently spent $120,000 to fix temperature problems in some operating rooms at the St. Joseph's Health Centre site. Doctors were complaining the operating rooms were either too hot or too cold.
Prisoners fed better than ailing seniors

Prisoners fed better than ailing seniors

BY HEIDI ULRICHSEN A petition is being circulated in Greater Sudbury nursing homes asking the provincial government to increase the amount of money spent on food for long-term care residents.

Virus outbreak now under control

A recent outbreak of an antibiotic-resistant virus called Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus (VRE) closed the eighth floor of Sudbury Regional Hospital's Laurentian site to visitors last month.

Hospital bosses vow to visit front-line staff more often

Senior administrators at Sudbury Regional Hospital have been showing their faces in hospital wards and nurse lounges a little more often lately.
Hospital CEO confident one-site expansion will be on budget

Hospital CEO confident one-site expansion will be on budget

BY HEIDI ULRICHSEN Sudbury Regional Hospital CEO Vickie Kaminski says she's not concerned about media reports stating another hospital construction project in the north will end up costing twice as much as originally estimated.

MNR's lake trout blitz show most anglers follow rules

A major enforcement blitz aimed at protecting lake trout across northeastern Ontario found the majority of anglers abiding by the rules. The blitz took place in Sault Ste.

Public warned to stay off thin ice

Greater Sudbury Police and Greater Sudbury Fire Services are warning all members of the public to stay off area waterways still covered by thin layers of ice following an event Tuesday where three youngsters fell through the ice on a local lake.
Day of Mourning ceremony returns April 28

Day of Mourning ceremony returns April 28

The Sudbury and District Labour Council will again be holding a service as part of the official Day of Mourning, organized by the Canadian Labour Congress.

Downside of good economy; there’s no room for the poor

BY MIKE SIMMS There’s a housing shortage in Sudbury with rental vacancy rates hovering just above one percent. The rate could go lower than one percent this year. Sudbury’s vacancy rate, the amount of housing available, dropped to a low of 1.