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Local News

Beloved Sister will be missed

Northern Ontario?s Catholic community remains devastated and shocked by last week?s tragic car crash near North Bay that claimed the life of Sister Carol Thompson.

South End squabble

BY MICHAEL JAMES Dalron Construction?s proposed new subdivision between Bethel Lake and South Bay may have won city council?s approval, but the debate is far from over.

Leading Edge

By Ian Ross Sudbury?s Pen Systems are expecting great things to emerge out of a partnership deal with a leading West Coast developer of local government automation software.

Ten retailers charged with selling tobacco products to underage consumers

The Sudbury & District Health Unit laid 20 charges under the Tobacco Control Act against 10 retailers in the city.

Naponese directs new film

Pine Needle Blankets Productions announces a new film by director Darlene Naponse. Entitled Cradlesong , this 80-minute full-length feature film is also written and produced by Naponse.

Things looking up for downtown mall

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW [email protected] The general manager of Rainbow Value Centre is confident about downtown and the mall. RAY HIRANI has been working on remodelling and re-positioning the former City Centre.

New president named

Gary Quig, a former unit president for the office, technical and professional unit at Inco Ltd., is the new president of Local 2020 of the United Steelworkers of America. Quig captured 66 per cent of the vote in the four-person race.

Hospital supervisor hints cash on its way

BY KEITH LACEY The provincial government is expected to make a funding announcement to complete capital construction at the one-site Sudbury Regional Hospital shortly.

Got a coyote in your backyard? Here?s who to call

Residents who encounter wild animals on their property in the City of Greater Sudbury have a number of agencies to call for assistance. Coyotes are a particular concern for farmers at this time of year.

Mint issues 10 million 50-cent coins for Queen?s jubilee

By Diane Gilhula Ten million 2002 50-cent coins have been put into circulation to celebrate Queen ElizabethÂ?s Golden Jubilee. Few 50-cent pieces become pocket change, although it remains a coin of legal tender.