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Sudbury probably not terrorists? target

BY BILL BRADLEY [email protected] Since the London bombings, citizens in other major cities are wondering who may be next.

Inco optimistic about future; Projects could create 600 jobs by 2015

BY KEITH LACEY [email protected] With nickel prices expected to remain strong into the foreseeable future, Inco Ltd. has renewed its commitment to developing two new operating mines within the next decade.

Nothing like Home Sweet Home draw

BY KIM ST. EVE This is the last year for Sudbury?s Home Sweet Home Sweepstakes. The Kinsmen Club of Walden, a non-profit community group, has organized the house draw for 17 years and is sad to say goodbye to the yearly event.

Conservative majority gov?t predicted by Oracle Research

BY HEIDI ULRICHSEN [email protected] Sudbury pollster Paul Seccaspina is predicting that the Conservatives will win a slim majority in the Jan. 23 federal election.

Mining: We got it, let?s flaunt it

After decades of trying to airbrush the super stack out of the picture, the community is boasting about mining again in 2004. Politicians, bureaucrats and business leaders are listening to economists who say, ?we got it, so flaunt it.

LU students anxious about strike as faculty union deadline looms

BY HEIDI ULRICHSEN [email protected] With the Oct. 12 strike deadline for the Laurentian University Faculty Association (LUFA) looming, students are becoming nervous their school year may be interrupted.

Government OK's funds for nursing equipment in colleges

The provincial government is improving the education of nursing students by investing $1,034,530 to purchase clinical simulation equipment. College Boreal will receive $584,530 and Cambrian College will receive $450,000.

No flooding so far this spring

BY KEITH LACEY [email protected] So far, so good. The annual spring runoff is in full swing across the Greater Sudbury watershed and is being closely monitored by the Nickel District Conservation Authority (NDCA).

Up, Up, Up; We?ll only go up from here

BY DAN HAWES I picked up The Globe and Mail to read about how Sudbury is stealing Timmins? thunder by filming the Shania Twain movie in Sudbury. HAWES I?m certain Timmins Mayor Vic Powers is a wonderful man.

?Sudbury in serious drought?

BY JASON THOMPSON Although there was a slight reprieve Thursday, this is the driest summer in 20 years. ?Sudbury is in a serious drought,? Amanda Brosseau of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) said.