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Cinefest to present award to ?Nero Wolfe?

Genie Award winner Maury Chaykin will be this year?s recipient of Cinefest?s Frame of Fame Award, Saturday at 7 pm prior to the gala screening. bottom Maury Chaykin Who is Maury Chaykin? You may not know the name but you know the face.

Scrubs don?t have to be boring

BY JUDI KOSKI Are you looking for scrubs? Then check out the incredible selection at A.M. Uniforms at 1769 Regent St. in the South End (beside EddieƂ?s Restaurant).

Students raising money for cancer research

College Notre Dame students will be canvassing across the City of Greater Sudbury on Wednesday to raise money for the Northern Cancer Research Foundation in partnership with its Heart and Soul Campaign.

Homeless not left out in the cold

BY KEITH LACEY Most of Ontario is engulfed in a deep freeze with temperatures dipping as low as -30 C (not including wind chill) and with the forecast calling for more of the same over the next few days.

Cassio?s hotel founder leaves legacy of success

By Rick Pusiak The man who owned and ran one of the first hot dog stands in Sudbury is dead. bottom Romano Antoine Cassio Romano Antoine Cassio passed away Monday afternoon just two months short of his 92nd birthday.

Family wants airport named after late MP

BY RICK PUSIAK City councillors have been asked to rename the Sudbury Airport in memory of the late J. Leo Gauthier, the Liberal MP for Sudbury from 1945 to 1958.

Sudbury cadet in Australia

Cadet Master Warrant Officer Eric Annala, 17, of 2912 Sudbury Irish Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, is experiencing the adventure of a lifetime as he explores the Australian outback on a 12-day wilderness expedition while attending the 2002 Army Cad

Air Canada?s problems could adversely affect Sudbury Airport

BY RICK PUSIAK It?s sadly ironic, but at a time when the Sudbury Airport is about to complete a major upgrade it may face an unexpected financial challenge.

City?s emergency plan passes test

Greater Sudbury enacted its municipal emergency plan in the aftermath of a tornado that touched down at Halfway Lake Provincial Park last Sunday.

Activist applauds ?new? peace movement?s efforts

BY RICK PUSIAK There?s a country song from a few years back with the lyrics ?you?ve got to stand for something or you?ll fall for everything.